Sunday, June 5, 2016

Endometriosis: Naps

Lola snapped this of me during my now daily afternoon nap. I am in pain all day, and the fatigue goes from being manageable to being bone-deep and grinding. You can see here the swelling in my hands, my veins, my facial tissue and under my eyes. I also get intense, hot swelling in my abdomen and legs and arms. The worse the swelling is, the worse my fatigue. It's nice to have these guys around for company.

I am eating the healthiest diet of my life. I am pescetarian now, as is Mr. Curry. I intend to do a blog post about our transition to a plant-based diet. I know from being this ill before that my diet, while it cannot cure me, can and does absolutely make this less awful than it could be. Eating this way ensures that I do have some good days, and that my overall brain fog is not as pervasive. When I eat to live, I can feel a clear separation between my healthy body and this illness living inside of me, vs it completely overtaking my system. It's empowering and helps keep the depression and anxiety that comes with all this at bay. 

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