Saturday, October 15, 2011

People In Your Neighborhood: Swonderland

In my last post I said this: I think of the power and assuredness of the parenting of small children. I think of the insecurity and doubt and helplessness of parenting teenagers

And in her newest post, Erin says something very similar, and a lot more. I love this post. It's the kind of truth telling I look for every day online.
Ms. Moon said...

I went over and read and left her a comment of support.
I know. I do know how hard being a mother of difficult babies and more difficult teens can be.
And mostly we live and they go on to be incredible adults.

Elizabeth said...

I need to add another blog to my blogroll like I need another child. Ha. Thanks, though, for sending me to Swonderland -- love it.

Elisabeth said...

It was well worth the visit to Erin's place. She struggles so openly with something we all experience to varying degrees with our little ones.

Once upon a time we weren't allowed to talk about it, not even among ourselves, we mothers of young children, who were meant to give the impression of loving every minute of it. Pretending to be perfect mothers with perfect children. At least now we can be more honest about the roller coaster nature of parenting. Its bad moments as well as its good.

Thanks, Maggie.

Shelby from said...

I read her post too--- magnificent!

Catherine said...

Oh, how I remember those days. I remember the first time I drove to the grocery store with my 3 kids, including the newborn, and realizing I could not safely walk from the car to the store, and breaking down in tears.

It's the big kids, though that bring the true breakdowns in family, heart, and mind. We find that out as they grow up and there are no manuals and methods to deal with recalcitrant teens and young adults.

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