Friday, October 4, 2013

People In Your Neighborhood

This week has been deeply unsettling, scary and strange all across our country. I hope all of you are tucked in with some good books and coffee or tea for at least part of this weekend, invigorating and relaxing your big ole brain muscle. I plan on some serious child snuggling for heart rejuvenation. 

A literary hero of mine in video, John Irving, on how to tell if you are a writer. His voice, his style, is absolutely essential for me, I suspect for the rest of my life. Here he talks about how hard it is for new novelists today. :( No surprise, but still depressing all the same.

Lisa Adams is a blogger, mother and living with terminal breast cancer. She writes about her view on the October launch of 'Breast Cancer Awareness' via Facebook. Important to read.

Marisha Pessl's five books she keeps at her bedside. I am reading her second novel, Night Film, right now, and loving it.

The Truth Box.  This is so moving.

I recognized Louise Moulin's words on getting inspired while writing her first novel. The way she describes opening up to inspiration is often how it feels to me, also. The quote she found is now going to get written out and put up next  to this very computer I'm working on.

This was a fascinating read from NYT- Scientists Seek To Rein In Diagnoses of Cancer

My good friend and poet Dena Rash Guzman wrote a piece for Dirt and Seeds blog on how to give a good poetry reading, and it got picked up by Poetry magazine online! Woot!

I have some pictures on this blog: The Female Selfie

A work from home mom does a video parody and QUITS. I could relate, yo.

For more video levity, how about this?  Smootch.

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