Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hope For A Sea Change- a memoir, by Elizabeth Aquino

Elizabeth is a writer and blogger and one of my first and best online finds. Her blog A Moon, Worn As If It Could Be A Shell has grown in voice and talent in the last two years to a point where Elizabeth writes blog posts that leave me mulling over once again what an awesome gift it is to have privy to free, original writing like this online. Elizabeth writes primarily about her children, and even moreso her daughter Sophie, and this is the subject matter of her first published book, the memoir
Hope For A Sea Change.

I can tell you that this memoir is about Elizabeth's infant daughter Sophie, how she flicked and quivered in a way that scared her parents, how she was eventually diagnosed with the unthinkable- a serious, life threatening disorder, how her parents came to realize there was going to be no instant or even 'hard fought for but possible' cure in the coming years, but instead a long uphill battle for treatments that never worked the way any parent would want them to for their child.

What I can't tell you is how reading Elizabeth's voice will affect you. It hits me in the gut, and it is to her immense credit as a writer that this effect is not even solely because of the serious, heartbreaking subject matter, but instead it is Elizabeth herself who grabs you by the throat, heart and mind and insists that you look at things the way they are, the way they were for her, and illuminates those events with a particular intelligence and sharp but deeply human observations. Elizabeth is a stirring writer, and a wonderful friend and I am so proud of her and this work she has created. Look to the end of the memoir for a glimpse into hope- a sea change.

Buy Hope For A Sea Change here at Shebooks or here at Amazon

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