Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Joys of Parenthood

That's my son, Dakota Wolf, twenty years old and in many of the ways that a young man can be, King of the world. This is the image of his band, LAW, as they've wrapped up recording their debut album. Dakota plays bass, guitar and raps. Jake is the lead singer and guitarist, and Nick the mighty drummer. I don't know the other two guys- both next to Dakota, with his middle finger raised and grin. He didn't just finish an entire album of music at twenty, though. He also orchestrated so many details- did so much 'grown up stuff'- and I realize, wait- he really is, grown up. Grown up in one real sense of that expression, meaning taking responsibility for his life and the actions necessary to obtain whatever goal he has in mind. They leave in March to go to Costa Rica and play. What? He's also been attending college and working at a pizza place. Where he made the most tips ever recorded there in one night. Because he is TOTALLY AWESOME.

I was saying on Facebook how he bought a homeless man breakfast and talked with him for a while. It will be one of the lasting pleasures and joys of my life that I managed to do what I set out in this regard: I raised a deeply moral person, who is also highly un-traditional and at times subversive. He's incredibly interesting, and he is incredibly interested by people, by life. He told me on the phone he loves being alive, that ' life is fascinating, Mom, I love it. ' And the whole time, like the Princess Bride, everything I was saying was really just: I love you. I love you. I love you.

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