Friday, August 29, 2008

AP Parenting and Foster Care

i learned that San Diego Family Magazine will be publishing an article of mine entitled ' Attachment Parenting: What Is It? '. i'm very happy that my first published article is going to be about something i care so passionately about. i also mention a blogger here in the article, he's a dad who practices AP and his blog is Attached Parenting Blog. the editor isn't sure when the article is going to come out but guessed January, said maybe sooner.

my husband and i are looking into foster care. we are going to adopt at some point, and are open to adopting a child up to age three, but aren't financially ready right now. we are struggling while i make my way into this career and finish school. but fostering is something we could do now. we are looking at starting with respite care, which is when you take in children for a very brief time, like a weekend or a week, as emergency care until they are placed elsewhere. i have been very close with a girl who went through foster care; i watched her every step of the way from age 14 to now (she's 21) so i am intimately familiar with the system, and less 'scared' of the kids that i might have been, because of her human presence in my life to what is often left as a political or societal issue for many.

the organization we are looking through is called Angels Foster Care. they place babies to four year olds (primarily babies and small toddlers) in long term foster care, and 50% of their clients end up adopting.

i love our three children, and i love noise, bustle, energy, busy children, the way each has entirely their own dreams, thoughts, personalities, interests. it's fascinating to get to know your own children. i have always wanted a big family, i just hope that financially it is doable.

i'm drinking a Starbucks double shot with soy milk and a shot of half and half, and wondering how McCain's choice of VP is going to play out. i'm stoked on Hilary Clinton's speech and thrilled with Obama and Biden, and i loove Michelle Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Mags! I'm snail mailing you stuff (going out Tuesday) a postcard from Delaware except from here instead because mailboxes have been outlawed in Delaware (or so it appeared. odd.)

Just wanted to say i HEART you! and I loove Michelle Obama too. :)

Chandini Santosh said...

Such a lot of care for human beings, Mag, I salute you. And here I am bogged down by personal grief!
But I too shall get up and walk out into the sunshine of life and begin all over again by doing what I am best at: Smiling up at all that cross my path.

Anonymous said...

p.s. go back to she_is_blooming to the post just below the friends only one and you can hear me laughing my a** off to Julianna's rendition of We Are the Champions.

chella said...

how's mcain's choice going to play out? not sure. but Palin's right-wing positions are scary.

hillary's comments at the democratic convention that support for her was not just about gender

but about issues & principles for all ring true.

Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful that you are looking to foster care and adoption. I wanted to adopt from my husband's country, Nepal, but he doesn't want to adopt. I think you will be great at it. Congratulations on having so many things published; you are doing wonderfully. I just sent in some poems to to see if they can be published. I haven't sent anything else in as I've been working on a collection. I have only had two poems published and that was EONS ago. You're doing great, and I enjoy your blog. Take Care,

Happyflower said...

I used attachment parenting with my 2 children, even though I didn't know it had a name at the time. It is something I will never regret, the results are amazing to other parents who used to say,"you are breastfeeding for HOW long?"
I would love to see your article.

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