Sunday, November 15, 2009

animal farm

Lola is a magical age and I am thinking how do we keep magic alive
Even though I fail to answer this at times
It is important to me to care about the question

Our animals are a key to the magic
They do not ponder or ruminate and even their neurosis go unchecked by intellect
They are who they are and do what they do, astonished at times by the results
Very much like human beings
And very different all the same
So I pay attention to the way they live and I ask myself what I can learn from their lives

Bodie cares about four things

I know that I am blessed to be poor
If I ever have money I will understand it's value and meaning
I will never confuse it with purses, manicures, dog clothes or 100$ stationary
I will understand it is healthy teeth, organic food, water and heat, health care, travel to experience this world, therapy, well made clothing that lasts and keeps us warm the ability to help when help is needed in front of us - and the right kind of shoes for a hard working husband
Wolfgang would like a Bacon Bit Dog Bone, though. I think we can manage that.
Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

My girls have hamsters, and so do all their girlfriends. All their girl friends live in apartments and condos next door to us and we have a house. As a result, we have a small little graveyard in the corner of our back yard. About once a year a new critter is added to this spot and I think we have buried around five of them. It is always a sad day and it is frequently visited by all the children in the neighborhood.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. Every time I turn on the hot water I am grateful.
You still have the magic. Lola will have it like crazy. Don't worry.

Shaista said...

Such a beautiful post dearest Maggie, I love the expression in Bodie's eyes. I miss that so much, I miss not having a dog every day. We had a golden retriever and a boxer when we were kids in Bombay..
Lola won't lose her magic with a mother like you. And anyway, she's too cool for school :)

Woman in a Window said...

That first photo especially is wow. It speaks volumes of magic.

I hate to admit this but I come up short with my animal(s). I do. No excuses.

The money thing I understand.

Annje said...

Love your post. I always hope that if I ever have money, I can remember to value it in the ways you mention.

Unknown said...

maggie, you never fail to enlighten me with your words... truly. i am having the time of my life watching my girls believe in magic and how easy it is for them to see it in everything that we do. your pets are gorgeous, my dog jet has been such a gift since my old cat mary died earlier this year. she is smarter than i realise and so intuitive it sometimes scary! Hx

Petit fleur said...

I am so loving you! I struggle with this also with regards to Harley...And you know what, I was just noticing how much Lola looks like you. I see you in her face.

I believe there is a LOT to be learned from animals/nature. They are the best teachers if we would be still enough to hear what they teach.

Me? I just try to remember that life is magical. So am I... so are you and families too! We ARE the magic, and whatever we do must be infused with it... even if we don't always feel it or realize it. Does that make sense?

I think Tinkerbell says something like "Just believe"?? That's always good to remember too.
Much love,

Melissa said...

I have a cat that really won the lottery when I found her. I was working on a farm, milking cows on weekends, and someone had dropped her off. She was cowering in the very far part of the barn, so I scooped her up, put her in the barn office, then took her home after chores. She's been with me for 6 years - which is a lot longer than the average lifespan of a barn cat! She's such a comfort when days are tough, entertainment when you really need to see a furry ball scurry across the floor after nothing in particular.

nfmgirl said...

Throughout my friendship with my friend/boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, he has heard me say, "I never had {enter item here}. We couldn't afford it." He's said how sad this is, all of the things that I lacked growing up. I've told him that he shouldn't feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for his son, who has gotten so many things in this life that he lacks the appreciation that I had growing up for the smallest things-- and still do. But I always had a roof over my head, food in my stomach (even if Mom had to go without dinner herself to feed us), clothes on my back, and a book to read and TV and a few cherished toys. Who needs more than that? I do miss the magic of childhood though. Science and adult rationale has stolen much of the magic from life for me. Don't you miss watching a movie and believing in the magic? Thinking that your dolls may really "live" when you aren't looking? That leprechauns and fairies may really flit about in the woods? Damn reality!

Muthering Heights said...

This is so poetic...and lovely...

Elizabeth said...

Lovely post, as usual. The under the sea dream is coming your way Monday, I believe.

Vic said...

Wolfgang is GORGEOUS!

I'll swap you one adorable Wolfgang for one snoring Holly-dog?! (She's a boxer crossed something something... and not at all fluffy..!)

Oh. I think Punky would not approve. *sigh*

Lovely, thought provoking, thoughts.

Vashti said...

I LOVE Wolfgang!!! He is amazing.
I am so with you on this post.
have a wonderfully magical week!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of that Leonard Cohen song; God is alive, magic is afoot! Check out the poem- Buffy Sainte Marie put it into a song. Gorgeous Lola and furry friends!

Anonymous said...

Now I had to go dig up that poem and post it! Thanks.

Allison the Meep said...

Great post! My husband and I sometimes talk about the people we know with absurd amounts of money, and try to even fathom living the kind of lives that they do. People so rich that they have live-in butlers, maids, chefs, private jets and even a personal gas station on their property. Just crazy amounts of cash. And we try to wrap our minds around what it must be like to be that wealthy, but then we decide that we wouldn't ever really want it. Even if we had tons of money, we would still live the same simple life that we do now. We're rich in other areas, in things that matter much more than money.

Also, Lola is absolutely beautiful.

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

What a lovely blog post. And, how true are the words you write!

krista said...

i do realize that having money wouldn't make my life easier but i wouldn't mind giving it a go just to be sure.
that being said, it is incredible how creative i become without money. our entire house is diy, secondhand, repurposed. there is quite a bit of pride in making the "trash" into useful design.
and my cat is awesome but she's turned stubborn like a toddler. she's learning very unsavory behavior tactics from finn.
bryan said that he heard me in the morning while he was sleeping and knew it was time to get up when he heard me say: "okay, BOTH OF YOU, stop. be kind to each other."
i was talking to the baby and the cat.

coolboy said...

looks very hot

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love you, Maggie. You are so wise.


Angie Muresan said...

Lola is breathtaking in her beauty. Resembles you very much. And I believe in magic, and so do my kids. Makes life so much more pleasant.

Unknown said...

Your daughters are beautiful. How to protect that magical spirit? The same question concerning my own daughter led me to create the Tomgirlz!

One way to protect them is to help stop bullying which is the fastest way to kill a child's spirit. Please, encourage others to participate in the BE A BUDDY,NOT A BULLY T-shirt design contest open to all children grades 1-6 (great prizes including an iTouch!). For entry information, please visit

only a movie said...

Came over here from starrlife. This is a gorgeous post. :-)

Phoenix said...

I think where kids and magic and animals draw their power from is innocence.

And we all have that, at any age, in any circumstance, regardless of how much money we do or don't have or how many THINGS fill our home.

We can all have innocence and feel loved.

Unknown said...

What a good reminder. A very good reminder.

Bee said...

When it comes to my own youngest daughter, I ask that question (how do we keep the magic alive) almost every day. Interestingly, in terms of your "thesis" here, she has much more of a rapport with animals than my older daughter does.

Jenny Grace said...

Your words are lovely as usual. Glad you are hanging in there.

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