Sunday, April 4, 2010


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maggie may ethridge
SJ said...

There's nothing I hate more than pity --it makes me feel ten times worse. I get it.

the.caitlin.burd said...

peace be with you--
hope be with you--
washing out the reasons
uncovering their bones
speaking solid answers
to their faded, blurry words

sometimes I wish
I knew the whole world
and what to say.

all that is bad is not all hard;
all that is hard is not all bad.

Marion said...

A beautiful, brave, life-affirming poem. You are an amazing writer. Blessings!

Avo said...

I'll refrain from asking the magician the truth behind her magic and offer her a pattering pitiless applause.

Anonymous said...

Maggie, how can I pity you when you write with such beauty? Like all who face their demons, you are strong. That doesn't mean you're not vulnerable, but you ARE strong.

And you've inspired a thought for me. A laugh out loud kinda thought. I'll write it up soon, when I have a moment :)

Beth said...

Not being able to use or apply reason & logic does not make one stupid or stupefied.
Some issues are emotionally loaded and reason does not prevail in those cases.
There are always shades of grey.

A.Smith said...

"To me pity is salt on the wound. Spare me. Give me hope and encourage me to try everything, yell at me if need be, but keep your pity to yourself, in the end your lack of understanding and compassion tells me you would appreciate it more than I ever could" in reply to a letter a long time ago.

Mary said...

I won't pity

but will empathise

Ms. Moon said...

I am not giving you pity; I am saying that I know and I love you and that I am in awe of your strength.

Irish Gumbo said...

No pity for you, luv...but I will give you a nod and a tip o' the hat.

What the fuck happened today? - the story of my life these past few years.

Interestingly, my word veri is "logicon". :)

I'm Katie. said...

No pity, lots of love. You are courageous and strong.

Beth is very right. In fact, I'm saving those words for all future moments so exactly expressed in your poem.

Shaista said...

Pity, get thee gone. We are all sisters here, Our brooms raise compassion and empathy from the ground up. We sway to the rhythm of pure truth, raw truth. And sass.

esbboston said...

I love algebra.
It is one of the supreme things the human mind has ever created.
Abstract reasoning.
Describing a problem with objects.
Shuffling objects in prescribed ruled ordered ways.
Chaulk dust lingers in the air.
White chaulk lines and letters on a black board representing something else that represents something else.
Solving aforementioned problems.
X is This,
Y is That.
I was ab used too.
But I see patterns.
I hope you find peace, sleep, dreams, in that order, and light anywhere along the way.
Rest, rest well.

Anonymous said...

cool way to share your thoughts,
beautiful poem!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love this, Maggie. You are such a wonderful writer. I am in awe of you.


!Booksinista! said...

'I would answer your questions
But the wind howls in your ear
Take away the sleepless nights
And set you floating on a quiet sea'

The Kitten and the Bear said...

This is beautiful.

You are a bright star, Maggie.

Ida Mae said...

i love this
i admit it's been far too long since i have read a great poem, or any poetry for that matter.
thanks for sharing your light with me :)
~Ida Mae

Anonymous said...

these things that are black are too black;
even a fool like me can't see in the dark.

love your poetry! always wise and sensitive and STRONG...
did you get my letter?

love you

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