Wednesday, May 12, 2010

if you think reading about someone else's body parts is lame, then we never knew each other at all

I handed Mr Curry the newest edition of US magazine. With a page torn out, which I held balled in my sweaty hand. I flopped the magazine on his chest. You can read this, I said, but I tore out these girls in bikinis. I just had to. He laughed and I laughed but I threw that sweaty ball of magazine page away.

Lola burst into the room announcing she was growing up, and her Dad and I smelled her sweaty pits. Plus, one of her niplits (this is our family word for little girl breasts) has popped out. One of them, but she's counting.

Dakota has co-started a company called Wake Up Industries and they are selling stickers and shirts. The stickers just came in and one is a big ole Buddha and underneath is says Buddha Is Phat. At some point I'll have a link. I'm proud of him.

Ian is leaving for a week long trip to NY and Washington DC. He worked damn hard gethering the money to pay for the school trip- which he was invited to go to - including sacrificing Xmas and Bday gifts for money. I'm proud of him.

Mr. Curry smells like soft leather and worn tee shirts and dirt and safety. If he could be made into a cologne I'd be rich.

A baby bird flew from a bush in my mom's backyard right on her knee and looked up at her in a friendly way before chirping and flying off. LUCKY.

I have changed my thongs to large ladies underwear, cementing my current role as carrier of child and impairing my sexual mojo.

I often stop when I hear something that stands out and say either 'that's the name of my new band' or 'that would be a great name for a porn movie.' Whenever I say that's the name of my new band Lola rolls her eyes and says MOM. Why do you always say that when you know you don't have a band? Today in conversation these fantastic porn movie names came up:
wadded underwear
jelly rolls and lingerie
tiny tim and the headbangers

According to an update, my Biggie Pea is the size of a fig.

It's diconcerting when you lie down happily in your child's bunkbed, humming, and glance up to find I HATE MAGGIE carved in the underside wood of the top bunk. Four years ago I pissed him off so bad he called me Maggie instead of Mom. Impressive anger redirection.

I have no internet because we couldn't pay our COX bill. I am finding ways to check in here but cannot spend the time I normally do. I miss you. I received a gift in the mail from a blog friend and it made my freaking WEEK. The gift timing and her words could not have been more perfect or more appreciated. I don't know when we will pay our bill but we will and it shouldn't be longer than a few weeks. Although that is clearly longer than any red blooded blogger would like, it's been refreshing and I don't feel blue about it.

Hug it out, bitches!
Anonymous said...

All in all, things are sounding generally positive I think, excusing the internet bill.

I'm so, so thrilled Biggie Pea is hanging in there like it should. Well done bub-in-the-making. :)

Jo said...

Maggie May, your positive outlook is going to bring you so many good things. In fact, it already has. :)

justmakingourway said...

Love your voice in this. Regardless of the internet black out, I'm happy to hear things are positive.

Ms. Moon said...

Love the update. Stay well, dear. Stay well.

Magpie said...

My sister had a slightly early, rather small baby - she named him Tim, and he of course became Tiny Tim, Tiny for short.

So, I think she needs to know about Tiny Tim and the Headbangers.

Evangeline said...

Biggie Fig! Yay!

And an internet break won't be all bad. I know I should take one right now...

anymommy said...

Burgeoning with hope...different post I know, but I LOVE it and I love this healthy, happy pregnancy of yours. XO.

Rebecca said...

That's funny you tore out the bikini clad girl. I'm just the opposite, I point girls in magazines and make comments like "Check out her Big Eyes!" I do the same at the mall...except 'big eyes' translates to big boobs. I think I enjoy boobs as much as my husband because I'm sitting at a lousy 32AA

Avo said...

Hang tight Maggie May.
I'm rooting for you!
Take care.

Phoenix said...

God I love these little updates from you... I feel like I just got a phone call from one of my closest friends and got to hear all about her life.

I hope things are going well, Maggie May. I hope things are going to get better.

Holly said...

these are my fave kinda posts from you. boy, does that make me sound nosy.

and im kinda jealous of your moms bird encounter. how cool is THAT.

Therese said...

I like you a whole lot.

Ida Mae said...


It's diconcerting when you lie down happily in your child's bunkbed, humming, and glance up to find I HATE MAGGIE carved in the underside wood of the top bunk. Four years ago I pissed him off so bad he called me Maggie instead of Mom. Impressive anger redirection.

made me laugh out loud. thank you. I needed that at the end of one very long week.

I hope you are smiling.
~Ida Mae

michelle said...

sounds like a happy life. even the bunkbed carving cause it means he trusts you enough to be honest.

Biggie Fig makes me happy

and i love your closing

Gberger said...

I am sorry about the Cox bill, but so glad that you are finding ways to check in here and let us know how you are. (One of my friends was so unhappy with Cox that she called them a name, using their name and the word "suckers." It clearly expressed her anger at the time, and you can see that it made a real impression on me!)
Thank you for always encouraging me. I don't get to read my blog friends' postings as often as I'd like to, but you are in my heart.
Blessings to you and your entire family.

CSD Faux Finishing said...

And hugs right back to you! Take your time, we'll all be right here when you get back ♥

Annje said...

Somehow I must have missed this post while I was visiting familyup in OR. I love it. It's a snapshot in words.

Bee said...

You bring a smile to my face. I am SO ROOTING FOR YOU.

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