Saturday, October 9, 2010

October Cheer Links

photo by Debbie Carlos at the wonderful blog Lost

Nie's October

Gorgeous Fall dresses for little girls from LottieDa

Fall and Winter prints from The Wild Unknown

New images by the inimitable Dishwasher

One of my favorite posts ever: The Ceremonial Bringing Out of The Duck

This fall reminiscent kids room on Modern Kiddo

Dave Eggers + Judd Apatow? Why can't I go to this?!!!

Playing With the Moon found @ Marvelous Kiddo

And last but far from least, welcome brand new baby Ethan!!! Congratulations Laura!!

Ms. Moon said...

I am floored to be in such company. There are new names in my Google reader.
Thank-you, Maggie.

Maggie May said...

xoxo to you. i'd love to hug you one day outside of a dusty keyboard.

tearful dishwasher said...


thanks for sending Ms. Moon my way. I think we're going to be friends!

hope all is well with you and the mister and the kids and, of course, ever.



Ms. Moon said...

Mmmmm. I would love that.
Who knows? It could happen.

Angie Muresan said...

Ms. Moon is one of my favorites. Of all favorites. Ever!

Holly said...

even though i had seen nie's hayride, i had to go again.

brings fall and warmth to this california girl.

thanks maggie.

Elizabeth said...

Very cool stuff. I wish we could go to the Dave Eggers benefit together, but man is that expensive! My sons have taken classes at that place -- they're all free and terrific.

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

Stumbled onto your blog today. Love that you posted these amazing, fun, heartfelt, amusing links.

P.S. i'm enjoying your beautiful pictures

Maggie May said...

Elizabeth that is SO cool to me! I am terribly gaga starstruck over Dave Eggers. HUGE writer's crush

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