Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Candid Family

Dakota Wolf, Lola Moon, Grandma Mary behind her, Myself and Ever Elizabeth, Mr. Curry, Ian Oliver and Uncle Jack @ Grandma's house Christmas Eve 2010

......and introducing, Renny the persistent poodle
Ms. Moon said...

This is my favorite sort of picture- the one taken RIGHT AFTER the posed one. And the poodle makes it even better.

Petit fleur said...

I love the silly photo!

The boy-men seem to have grown. Their bodies and legs just seem so long and their faces so much more... dare I say, mature?

Beautiful pictures.

37paddington said...

sweet! you look happy.

Lisa said...

It is really nice to see the family photos. Thank you.

~Amber Elise~ said...

My god Maggie, what a beautiful smiling family : ). I am glad you are all doing well.

michelle said...

Happy awesomeness.

Awesome happiness.


Jeanne Estridge said...

The first one's very nice, but I love the expressions in the second.

Caroline said...

You all look like you are having a great time...and Maggie--you look marvelous. I can't believe you just had a baby. Beautiful.

* said...

Love the family pix here, and glad Ever is home and well!!

PS: Silliness is contagious!

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