Friday, March 4, 2011

101 Ways To Smile: Keep A List of Inspirations

She overcame panic attacks after witnessing the death and brought-back-to-life accident of her young daughter.

She makes secret notes for strangers

A like minded community

A blog dedicated toward one awesome thing to be happy about every day

The website of a man who is now a motivational speaker and writer after surviving a plane crash in the Andes.
Love is the opposite of death"
Amelia said...

How wonderful! Thank you!

Lindsey said...

I love this! Thank you! xox

YES Gallery + Studio said...

Love the drawing! Didn't see credit for it? Do you know whose it is?

Unknown said...

I, too, keep a notebook with me all the time to catch snippets of inspiration. I write about it here:

And I see you, too, are an admirer of Rukeyser. I used that same quote here:

I am amused by our likenesses!

Caroline said...

oh i love the 1000 awesome things site!!! how awesome!

Maggie May said...

I know, right? (as my kids say)
That website makes me feel inspired every time I go to it. It helps me to remember things that make me happy!

I'm Katie. said...

I love being reminded of little ways to smile. It's the little and the mundane that tip the scale.

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