Wednesday, June 22, 2011

101 Ways To Smile: Move From Ordinary to Strange

Instead of moving into an apartment, move into a gypsy caravan
Make love on the grass and get ants and flowers stuck to your sweaty back
Drink river water
See the silver flash of a fish by the moonlight
Smell the moss and leaf rich air
Hear the birds, grasshoppers, frogs and owls
Feel the hand of God in the vast infinity of nighttime sky
Watch your children scream in laughter and tears on wooden steps and in wooden tree arms
Wash your babies shirt in a stream
Dry it lain flat and staked with heavy rocks
Swim naked and cold and dry in the hot goosebumps of sun
Dance to violins by firelight
Read poetry to the woods
Sleep in tangles of blankets on small beds pressed against your family
Return to intimacy

Be afraid of the dark again

one smile two smile three smile four smile five smile

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Maggie May said...

genius idea or already done: is there a gypsy caravan vacation 'resort'? because i'm SO THERE. and if not, anyone want to invest? how awesome would that be, nightly gypsy music and dancing, incantations, stories by the fire, beautiful caravans all decked out...

Vashti said...

I want to do every one of those things right NOW!!!

Lone Star Ma said...

This is so totally my life's wish - except that it needs to be by an ocean and we need health insurance. Luscious.

Marion said...

I've wanted my own gypsy wagon ever since I read Erin's old blog, "Woman in a Window" many years back where she had a lady looking out the window of a gypsy wagon. My guess is that there's a Winnibago somewhere done in complete gypsy style. :-)

I love this post, Maggie. I've done it all but for the gypsy thing, but we did live like gypsies for many years, moving over 30 times, owning nothing but my boxes of books, a fold-up waterbed and a surf board. Ah, youth!! You smile posts are just magical, like you!! xoxo

Ms. Moon said...

What a great idea! The Gypsy Caravan Resort! Mmmm....
This post reminds me a bit of Yoko Ono and her instructions which I love.

Corinne Cunningham said...

This made me smile, and want simple adventures... and to go off the grid for a while ;)

Petit fleur said...

This is so awesome. I love it.

I lived in a house once that had an old dilapidated gypsy van in the back. it was dirty and full of roaches and spiders, etc... At the time I had a young hippy/gypsy friend who talked the owner of the house into letting her rent it. By the time she was done with it, every one who knew her wanted to move in! It was so cozy and decorated so beautifully and exotically warm and welcoming.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Petit fleur said...

PS That IS a genius idea. You'd have to find the right person/people to pitch it too.

I'd be there in a NY minute!

adrienne said...

p.s. 'roma' is the correct term for the community formerly called 'gypsy'.

Rebecca said...

I totally LOVE this!

Young at Heart said...

ooh how brilliant......I used to dream of living in a gypsey caravan when I was a fact I dreampt of being a gypsey...all very Enid Blyton!!

anna said...

i've printed these words off and tucked them into my desk drawer at work so i can look at them and be transported even if only for a moment :-)

such talent!

C.M. Jackson said...

magnificent! just what I needed and I look forward to reading more..

Suse said...

Somewhere near here is a place that rents out gypsy wagons complete with clydesdale horse. You rent it for a week and follow various established trails. I've tried twice to book it for our easter holidays but they're always all gone. Thanks for the reminder to get in early and book for next year!

I'm Katie. said...

Ooo, just delicious. I'll have you know I tried to find a gypsy caravan for sale on ebay for a good 30 mins after reading this post.

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