Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The summer is really, truly over. I feel it, now. The long pause between summer ending and summer really ending has itself ended. Still I have three children at home. Lola is abysmally sick with bronchitis. Dakota brought it home, and coughed for weeks, and went to the doctor who told him that pot smoking makes some people have asthma. I LOVE THAT DOCTOR. No, Dakota isn't smoking pot, but hell yes to hearing that. You know. Dakota is all young man health, beautiful faced in the way of only youth- wide eyed, blue eyed sparkle light, gorgeous healthy skin, a smile that cracks with sunlight and spirit.  His girlfriend ( you aren't reading this are you, because OMG if you read this blog..sigh...) is gorgeous, flat out exotic Arabic gorgeousness, and smart as hell- straight A's- and a doll. He interviewed with Starbucks the other day and nailed. it. He's back into boxing and I've been dropping him off a few times a week. This because the car he saved for blew up on the side of the freeway and Mr. Curry went to pick him up, called and paid for a tow truck to haul it to the mechanic to be told ''re fucked, kid.'  So that car was toast. He's saving for another. We- Dakota and I- had a long talk about rap music today, and the best thing about that is that we do that a lot. Talk. About anything and everything, hard things, funny things, life things. 

We were talking about Kanye West, by the way, and Dakota was telling me how as a ten year old, he recognized the 'holy shitness' of Kanye's debut album that I was playing relentlessly. I said a while back that Kanye's music changed rap and Dakota agrees. We both think that Kanye lost himself when his mother died, and we both thought about how Dakota and I were just a team of two for all those years, and what it would be like if the moment  he achieved all his dreams, I died- and died of something that he paid for. Psychologically... hard. Really hard. 'Jesus Walks' is one of the most mind blowing, amazing, chill producing and beautiful songs I've ever heard, in rap or any other genre. Just for that song alone, I feel like Thank You. Thank you for that one song.

Lo nla is coughing and then sighing like a little deer, all tucked into her layers of clean blankets. When my kids are sick, I wash their bedding and clothing like a maniac; I think lowering the viral or bacterial load in the things that touch them so often helps them get better. Just a theory. I've been dutifully bringing her everything she asks for from the store- Powerade, chicken soup, Saltines- making her green and peppermint tea, giving her books and art projects, letting her watch an unholy amount of T.V. ( which really gives me mad anxiety.. I can't relax about that even during times like this when I really should ) but I can't get over how freaking ANNOYING constant coughing is. I remember when I had that bronchitis when I was pregnant with Ever- when I pulled a rib muscle, oh the fun times!- I kept apologizing to my family for coughing, and they kept looking at me like I was crazy. Because if it were ME, listening to all that coughing- like I have to now- I would have been irritated. I suck at listening to coughing. It makes me want to hit something. It makes a nasty edge appear in my voice that I have to constantly modulate. I apologized to Lola the other day for barking at her after she half-puked up some cough medicine that I was desperate for her to take so she would maybe. stop. coughing. I've given her spoonfulls of honey but you know, when you are this sick nothing works too well. 

Ever was the sweetest little chubbette today. Dakota watched her for an hour or so in the morning so I could do some 'social networking' and check my new pieces that went up ( I have two new pieces up at The Budget Fashionista, one on DIY Blogs ( a list of great ones! ) and one on my teenage search for the perfect jean jacket. )  She played happily through our morning trip to Starbucks where she asks for 'ice poppy' in her cup, because she's blended the words 'ice cubes' (which she's OBSESSED with) and 'popsicle' into 'ice poppy' which just means GIVE ME SOME FROzEN CUBES OF WATER, NOW! Later, I cleaned house for like three hours, played Garden State  soundtrack (one of the best soundtracks ever) and she had a ball just roaming around playing with the dogs, ( ' On Wolfie? ' she asked me as she held up a scarf. Wolfgang looked adorable, in case you are wondering. ) her cars, and a neighbor girl out front as I cleaned the porch. It was such, such, SUCH a nice relief because she had been cutting new teeth for a week or more and not a happy camper. 

Meanwhile, I tried not to stab myself in the eyeball with a ice poppy while Lola coughed, and coughed, and coughed. Poor kid. Stuck with me!

Mr. Curry had been working as much as Lola has been coughing. He's literally slaving away, with one day off in almost three weeks. I make his lunches every night and draw dirty pictures on his sandwiches. It's the least I can do.

Ian started school and is in the top notch, brand new, for the smartest of smarties only engineering program, loves his teacher and so far is loving the program. He's such a teenage boy, like SUCH. Adorable. They are like overgrown puppies, all full of sarcasm, wit, vitality, physicality, piss and vinegar but still really insecure like teenagers are. I just love my teenage boys, and I think after raising these two I will have a soft spot in my heart for them all my life. 

Meanwhile, my mother has helped me come to the conclusion that my gallbladder is going all kinds of wrong. It runs in the women in my family- my Aunt H. had hers out, etc. I had pains a month ago that went away after a few days, and then resurfaced about a week ago and have been on and off, sometimes pretty bad, sometimes barely noticeable. ( Lola is coughing again as I write this, in. her. sleep. Arghhh!!!! ) I was sick to my stomach after Mr. Curry and I had a BBQ picnic in the park with the kids one night, where we ate burgers, chips and smores. Gallbladder and fat are enemies. So I'm going to do some research and see. My mom says if I dramatically reduce fat in my diet for a few weeks, the gallbladder can  heal. Food is medicine, I do believe that.

.Guys, we are still doing the fundraiser, and the donations have slowed as expected after days of this kind of thing, but we really would love to help as many people as possible and meet our goal, so if you can donate or share our donation page on your FB, Twitter or blog, you can change a life/! Not just words, but truth. $25 is clean water for life for someone.

Smootchie Bootchies xo

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