Saturday, June 7, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

Bustle magazine covered my publisher Shebooks Kickstarter campaign, still going strong and very successful. 

Really can't wait to read Young God by Katherine Faw Morris, a writer I've just excitedly discovered

Jane Devin is an old online friend of mine and a furiously devoted writer. Her book Bright Lines is getting rave reviews and in buying this sweeping story of a young boy moving through foster care and pain, loneliness and loss toward a self realized future. I bought it and drank it down in two sittings!

I loved these absolutely helpful and true reminders of what to do when your child won't listen, by Andrea Nair

There is a reason I have this bookmarked, and her name is LOLA. Like a smurf exploded in our bathroom. That is all I will say.

A 19 year old Texas kid is facing possible life in prison because he made and sold pot brownies. What a nightmare our laws have become. This is so outrageous and barbaric, it's hard to really wrap the mind around it. These kinds of injustices are why I joined Amnesty International and continue to write letters and sign petitions for the things that infuriate and horrify me.

Incredible photojournalism of the aftermath of a chemical disaster in Phopal in Mother Jones

Tannis Miller writes about the loss of a friend to drugs and mental illness in Blue Eyes

This story of a 19 year old college girl and her boyfriend who murdered her is so deeply sad. I couldn't stop reading it, partly because I always think maybe I'll learn something to protect my daughters, and partly because I'm always trying to face and absorb how random and unpredictable life can be- two opposing goals in reading. See what you think.

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