Monday, February 23, 2015

Ocotillo Wells

Ocotilla Wells, February 2015

We went to the desert for a half day and one night and left 8am the next morning. Ever puked on the way there and was a such a trooper about it. So were the rest of her family :) Arriving, we brought the pain. As soon as we had unpacked, the wind began to blow, and blow, and blooooow, like that Winnie the Pooh episode I watched with Dakota a million times ( blustery gust! ) We went on a desert hike that was really lovely, and then Mr. Curry got up all in that and figured out how to light the stove, after creating a wind barrier that MacGyver would have been proud of. Our in-laws and SIL and family gave up trying to cook, so we fed our in-laws while the SIL and gang ate in their mini-van. I also started my period within ten minutes of parking the car, which pretty much set the tone. The winds got up to about 50 Miles Per Hour and after trying to console Ever in our black and wailing tent, I gave up around 11pm and took Lola and Ever to sleep in the car. I wish I could re-create for you the enormous everythingness of the sound of that wind in our tent. It was like trying to sit in a tiny raft in the middle of a hurricane. We had to shout to hear each other. Half the tent collapsed ( with Mr. Curry inside ) and a huge hole was ripped in the fabric ( of the tent, not space and time…or was it… ) and basically none of us got much sleep. We stopped at a Starbucks in Ramona on the way home and it was really good, really good, to be somewhere else doing something else with my family. We needed it, even if it was a ridiculous humperdink. 

Over the weekend Purple Clover published my latest short piece on how not quitting, just a little bit, changed my life: Good Girl, You Finished This!
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