Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Running Butt Playlist

Running and squats gave me the butt I've been after for the last year. This is extremely satisfying. I may not be able to cure cancer or even stop my own kids from experiencing suffering, but I can and will sculpt the ass I want, dammit! I still have some cellulite, because I'm a human woman, which reminds me that every time I see any news media outlet give any woman a hard time because of cellulite, I am filled with a rage that probably should be reserved for like, genetic testing and nuclear war. It infuriates me that our culture tries to make girls and women feel less than beautiful or sexy or even normal for how our bodies NATURALLY ARE. 

In related news, I thought I would give you what is on my running playlist right now, as it makes me very happy. As soon as I shoot out into the night with my earbuds stuffed in, gripping pink mace in one hand and looking up at the night sky, music fills my ears and I am thrilled to be alive. True story. 

Maggie May's Running Playlist

Kiezsa 'Hideaway'
JLo and Iggy 'Big Booty'
The Boss 'Dancing In the Dark'
Robyn 'Dancing on My Own'
Jay Z '99 Problems'
Elle King 'Ain't Gonna Drown'
Zero Dezire 'It's My Birthday'
Santigold 'Girls'
Grimes 'Go'
Beyonce '7-11'
DJ Snake and Lil Jon 'Turn Down For What'
Maroon 5  'Sugar'
Fergie 'Glamorous'
Iggy Azalea 'Work'
Nicki Minaj 'Va Va Voom'
Beyonce 'Flawless'

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