Sunday, May 3, 2015

People In Your Neighborhood

Take a seat and read

It is satisfying and happy that I now have an Amazon 'Author Page'. It's the little things.

This has been all over the nets, for good reason. Anytime someone is brave enough to take a risk this large and change the narrative of their entire life, it's worth listening to. Why I Gave Up My $95,000 Job To Move To An Island and Scoop Ice Cream It's pretty annoying and steeped in avoidance when stories like this come out and people say, well, it was easy for her BECAUSE and then list whatever made it easy. There are always reasons a change this big is terrifying and impossible. To hear when it worked is good.

I know I keep posting articles that say essentially the same thing as this one, but it's because I think this is one of the most centrally important health issues of our time. The Cure For Brain Diseases Is In Your Gut

Shawna Kenney writes a fascinating, touching and timely piece on gangsters who now bake. Munchies

My friend Dena hooked me up with this article, and it's one of the most delightful ( I use that word sparingly so take it ) essays I've read on line in a long time, and memorable- I keep remembering it at odd times and laughing. When I Win This Fucking Award by Mallory Ortberg

Nanea Reeves brought me to quiet tears with this aching, raw piece, written as her husband is dying. Work Life Balance and What That Means When Things Fall Apart

Hayley Krichner on Hysteria and Teenage Girls 

Lorrie Moore interviewing Miranda July, practically perfect in every way.

I like to show Olive Us videos to Ever and Lola. Lovely, dreamy, charmed life. Someone should do an illustrated book on this family.

Lastly, if you have any issues with anxiety, please read this: How I Beat My 10 Year Battle With Anxiety Using Folinic Acid or just pass it on. I can't stand it when people suffer needlessly. I haven't been tested but Lola and I take magnesium, B vit. mix every night and I am considering being tested.

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