Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cover Story on Endometriosis in Marie Claire

You guuuuys. I'm very proud that a story I wrote on the financial cost of endometriosis made the front feature of! It's bumped now to the top and another story had taken its place, but I'm happy with this placement and the essential awareness on this disease that this story helped push.

Take a look!

Endometriosis has been taking from me since I was a teenager.
At 18, I lost my job as a waitress due to my sluggish behavior, lateness, and excessive sick days. I rarely felt well, and often I was so miserably tired, achy, and spacey that I would settle in and wait for a flu that never came. Instead, I would start to feel better and have a good handful of days—maybe even a week—before it all came back.
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