Monday, February 27, 2017

Short Flash Fiction: A Strong Woman

I pretended like I needed more ice cubes and looked through his recent calls. He always leaves his cell in a charger on the kitchen counter, so I covered with a cabinet open. If he came in, I could slip the phone in the cabinet, close the door and stand in front of the empty charger. But he didn't come in. Anyway, there was nothing on there. He covers his tracks well, it's been months and I can't find the evidence. He calls his mother too much. Their relationship sickens me a little. Turns me off a little. He needs her too much and she loves it too much. I'll never do that to my kids. I put the phone back and got more ice and headed back in when I saw him close the window shade, quickly. I put my drink down and yanked the shade up, couldn't see her, so I ran out the front yard and looked around, but she'd either crawled underneath a car or gotten away. Back inside I shut the door and made my features into the right amount of deeply hurt and angry yet touchingly vulnerable. 

But of course, I should have known that instead of thinking about how awful I must be feeling, he just covered his hairy ass. We argued for an hour until I left. I'm tired of being lied to, mistreated, cheated on. I don't know if he actually fucks them or not, I'm not saying that. I don't know what he's doing with them, but does it matter? Not to me. To me, tongue or tit, it's all the same, it's cheating. 

The next day I got a call from his sister. Which says so much about him. His mom, his sister, the man can't wipe his own ass. She said she was dropping my things off at my house, would I be home, and that he wanted me to pay for his window! Ha. I threw the glass at the window, and obviously I had no idea it was going to shatter in such a destructive manner, piercing his eye, but on the same note, he couldn't plan on how his cheating was going to blow up. You make a choice and I guess you have to deal with the consequences. So because some ER doctor told him he may have irreversible damage to his eyesight, now he's breaking up. How convenient, after cheating on me while I'm in the next room, I'm in the wrong? Sexist asshole. And his sister is a traitor the cause for helping him- and his mom, for that matter. Fuck them. I'm a strong woman. 
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