Monday, June 16, 2008

Progressive Book Club & Rejection

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Barbara Kingsolver, Michael Chabon and Dave Eggers are on the editorial board

Is there nothing, nothing that Dave Eggers can't think of, can't make happen...

He is turning into the Oprah of literature. Seriously. I love the man.


Received first rejection from Diagram. Sigh. However, the editor was nice enough to say he enjoyed the 'sparks' in my poem, and to keep submitting.
Shannon said...

i think its great that you are getting out there. keep submitting in deed.

it is great to see you blogging over here. I just never could get into myspace blogging very much.

DOGZPLOT said...

dave eggers is the new oprah. nice.
keep doing what you're doing and god bless

Sandra said...

A personal rejection from Diagram is a big deal. = ) That bodes well for next time.

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