Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wit of the Staircase, Two Suicides

I visited this blog, Wit of the Staircase, (see link at bottom of post) for it's beautiful layout and eclectic entries and photos. It is one of the wonderful things about the internet- I was able to peer into the life of a young, intelligent and very talented woman living a very interesting life.

When I received my edition of Vanity Fair that had the story of her suicide, and then her boyfriend's following suicide, it took me a bit to realize this was the same woman whose blog I had been visiting.

Theresa Duncan swallowed pills and left a brief note. Not long after, her boyfriend walked into the sea and drowned himself. Both were artists, Theresa had been trying to get a film made. They had a friendship with Beck that is explored in the VF article, a bizarre and confusing tale that leaves more questions than it answers.

The Vanity Fair article is fact packed and still gives no concrete answer what happened here, with Theresa or her boyfriend. There are theories abounding but no conclusive event or issue anyone points at to say 'this is why. this is why she killed herself'.
Justin Evans said...

Here is a story on Duncan which might add more:

Maggie May Ethridge said...

thanks justin. i went and read the article, which again left more questions than it answered. the razor says 'madness' is the most logical answer, paranoia, etc. anyhow it's very sad for everyone who loved them.

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