Monday, March 5, 2012

Something Is Different At Flux Capacitor

Flux got a makeover! I'm thrilled with the ( affordable )
results. Please poke around and let me know what you 
think. I'm still labeling old posts so all the headers in
the navigation bar aren't totally up to speed, but I'll
be working on it all week until it is.

People are still having trouble commenting and I'm 
trying to decide what to do about that. Also working on the small type, which strangely has turned into the options of teeny or huge.  I'll get back to you:)

If you notice a ghost on the right or a tentacle on the left
it's because there are still a few tweaks the designer at 
Yellow & Savvy is finishing up. 

Lola is waiting for me to read to her and listen to her tell
me about her day with her friend over the weekend.
Ever is obsessing on Lola's Littlest Pet Shops and Lola
is obsessing on Ever obsessing on them. Ever keeps crawling underneath my desk and standing up and bumping her head. Breathe. Breathe.


Elizabeth said...

I love it. I'm jealous. I'm so sick of my blog design but I just don't have the energy to do something different. You've inspired me -- now to find an angel to do it for me!

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

this new dress comes out pretty well. light, but grown-up at once. great job!

Lindsey said...

It looks great!!! xoxo

Aunt Christy said...

Love the new look!

Also, every single time I see this commercial, I think of you. In my head, you look like this model. :)

Sondra said...

Love the new look... It's positive, airy, and I can see changes in you as well. Keep up the great wriitng.

Maggie May said...

Thank you!!! The title font is the same as from the movie DRIVE :) I LOVE IT. I think I'll make it hot pink over the summer.

THe comments are making me mad!

starrlife said...

Ahhhh... very cool! All this white is very relaxing! Enjoy!
Fuck word veri (nothing personal- just my battle with blogger!)

YES Gallery + Studio said...

Looks great, Maggie! Ahhhh. Refreshing. My only suggestion is to include names or links to the artists whose images you post. For one, you have a great eye and I always see images I want to know more about. Two, it's just nice to give credit to artists when using their work.

Caroline said...

It looks awesome!!! I can't wait to see it all big on my computer! I like how you changed the look but kept the same good vibe. It's great!!

Petit fleur said...

I think it's great.

I like the way the headings are.. easy to find what you may be looking for or like best, etc...

It does have a more professional feel to it, but not stuffy or overly so. Good for business.
Good for you!

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

i LOVE IT! a beautiful blog visual and only surpassed by the talented writer who fills the page! :)

Elisabeth said...

Maybe this comment will get through, Maggie. For some reason I can't comment on your most recent post about your essay in Huff post. I tried to comment there without success. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, technologically but in any case I want to acknowledge your fantastic and timely essay.

I'm reading your posts but can't seem to get through further up the line. I'll keep trying.

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