Saturday, November 3, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

Brain Pickings ' Margaret Atwood's Ten Rules of Writing '

Life Extension wrote this fascinating piece on epigenetics- preventing breast cancer with chemoprevention: using food to stop the growth of abnormal cells.

I absolutely love this Squidoo article: 25 ways to teach your child compassion.

I thought this HuffPo piece on a woman's own brush with a nanny who had a dangerous mental break was very important, because it brought into relief the idea that this might happen a bit more than we realize, and that watching and listening very carefully to the people who are in charge of our children is extremely important. After listening to the public outcry from this horrific loss, I had many thoughts on the reality of childcare, after being a nanny or preschool teacher for the last fifteen years. Obviously this incident is rare, and no one should be shamed into dropping their nanny. But some contemplation, a second look- those are good things.

On MSN, this piece on helping kids cope with stress. I'm always keeping an eye out for anything on this subject.

From the Children's Advocacy Center, 20 Ways To Prevent Child Abuse

After Elizabeth sent me her book, ( thank you again! ) I looked up Lydia Netzer on Facebook, and then found this article in HuffPo: 15 Ways To Stay Married For 15 Years. One of my favorite pieces in this vein, ever.

Speaking of Elizabeth, she is awesome. Besides that, she also recently did a walk to end epilepsy with her beautiful daughter Sophie, and raise funds for such research.

A commencement address by Barbara Kingsolver on How To Be Hopeful

Consider following my Pinterest board, Children Need Our Help. It is dedicated to ideas and programs on preventing child abuse, speaking out about child abuse, helping abused children ( but also children suffering otherwise, hunger, poverty... ) and spreading awareness of missing children. 1 out of every 6 missing child is found through these posters!! Repin their faces

Listening to and watching this gorgeousness.

Just finished reading Trace (A Scarpetta Novel)  LOVED IT. I just love the Scarpetta novels and want to read every one. Scarpetta and Marino are such a perfect duo. Perfectly nails the ' cold, hard world, acknowledge so much darkness, eagle eyed and intelligent, seeing humanity, still loving best they can ' kind of thing I personally love so much in detective novels.

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