Saturday, March 5, 2016

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!
1. If you've read my memoir can you leave a review? One sentence is fine. If I get 50, Amazon will promote my book for free, which might bump me into covering my advance! I'm at 36 reviews now. I would so appreciate it. Here's the book.

2. This is a serious overdose of heartwarming cuteness and made both Lola and I cry happy tears: I recognize this relationship.

3. My friend Sarah Fader wrote this great piece on gender-neutral bathrooms. 

4. This is the best writing I've come across in a while. Ellen Urbani 'There Is No Such Thing As A True Story'

5. I'm worried about our cat Maybelle. 25 Signs Your Cat May Be In Pain

6. I want to get this for Mr. Curry. He has a hard time sleeping through.

7. I'm reading Seabiscut right now (among three other books,  I have developed the habit of having one book for every room of the house), and came across this piece by Laura Hillenbrand on her onset and sickness from CFS. This is her distinct and powerful voice, that meticulously and relentlessly chronicles all her discerning eye can see. She is a powerful writer because no telling detail is left untold.

8. On Poverty by Alison Stine. I related to this, even though I live in San Diego in suburbia. 

9. Parents Question Vaccines As Epilepsy Rates Rise To 1 In 20 Children Under Five

10. This beautiful writing by Julia Whitty totally absorbed me: Grief And Wonder
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