Sunday, February 28, 2016

People In Your Neighborhood

Lola, Ever and I thrifted this Saturday. This is my $5 haul.

1. I related to this, as someone who has found tremendous physical, emotional and mental relief from changing my food choices: Stop Asking Me To Justify My Food Choices by Katie MacBride

2. We have a wonderful children's book for Ever on Einstein's life (thanks mom). A truly amazing person.

3. Ignore the fact that is on goop. It's interesting: on chronic fatigue and pain and Epstein-Barr.

4. In a recent blog post I talked about Cooper Nemeth, the Canadian boy who went missing after his hockey game, and was found brutally murdered. This is what happened to him. He was selling and using drugs. Drug addiction is so huge in our youth, (in adults too, but the boom in our youth is terrifying, and that's not too big a word) we have to speak out, ask questions, find answers, keep pushing for change, help, and reform.

5. On the same subject: When A Loved One Dies Of An Overdose, What Happens To The Family?

6. Susan Brind Morrow's biography sounds incredibly romantic and powerful. What an interesting, intelligent, independent woman.

7. I've been reading more on raw vs cooked, juiced vs. blended lately. This is an informative piece on the truth about raw vs. cooked.

8. A necessary new website on coming through suffering and coming alive

9. My new article in She Knows, on Ever's bout with RSV as an infant.

10.  The wonderful Queen Constance on the bitch of anxiety.
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