Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado

I am off for a much deserved vacation with EJC and Dakota, Ian and Lola. We will frolic, play on the sand, (one of us might be ungracefully hobbling but all the same playing) swim and order room service. We live only about 40 minutes from this glorious hotel. I've lived in SD since I was four and never have stayed at this famous place. It's been very hot so the weather should be perfect if all goes well. I'm bringing my Edna St. Vincent book and plan to have EJC watch the kiddos for a bit while I bask (freckles: check. blue eyed: check. sunblock: doublecheck) and read.

I will be back and unburdened. Champagne and white sands, here I come.

(I think we will leave Blue Thunder to park for ourselves. I don't think the valet would know what to do with a large, chipped and very blue old Ford truck.)


I finished ' Flesh and Blood ' and would recommend it. The pacing is pretty incredible and the undercurrents of the book feel real and threatening for their sad weight. However, I would not, as I did, read this book at night before bed. Bad dreams.
Montgomery Maxton said...

dont eat the sand.

bon voyage & g0dspeed

Alan Palmore said...

You sound familiar with Coronado. I know I love living here. Pick up a copy of 'Nado Now' if you need site seeing ideas. It's available at the concerage and stands throuout the city.
- Alan Palmore

Alan Palmore said...
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Shannon said...

sounds fun! have fun! be fun!

Maggie May said...

1 i ate sand. sorry.

2 it was gorgeous. absolutely heavenly.

Amanda said...

The beach (and hotel) look marviolus! Its nice to get away, even if its just down the road.

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