Friday, April 17, 2009

How Can We Help This Homeless Family?

Please read Tangobaby's post about this homeless family. How can we help?
Elizabeth said...

We can help by helping someone in our own community. Thank you for the prompt. That is my goal for this weekend. To help someone, here, where I live.

Angelica said...

I read it and I do hope that somebody can do something for them!!! Horrible that things like that can happen and a woman with 3 small children... You see how much friends are needed in moments like that!

Take care


j. said...

That was really sad but an eye opener as well. I see homeless people everywhere I go and it breaks my heart every single time. Reading about this just reinforces the fact that we arent doing enough. The perfect opening piece to my morning, actually. I feel absolutely inspired.

Thank you!

aurbie said...

That is sad. I used to travel a lot and took a lotof photos of the homeless around the country. Some were for assignments, and some I just took for me. I wish I could help everyone!

tangobaby said...

Thank you so much for helping spread the word, Maggie. I've received literally hundreds of dollars, emails and requests to donate clothes, toys and food since I first wrote about Kelaya and the blog world picked up on it.

I'll continue to post updates and I strongly believe that there will be a happy ending to this sad tale in a few months. Thank you so much for participating.

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