Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dakota and Ever

Dakota is 16. Ever is 11 days old in these pictures. So...when she is 16...he'll be 32. Wow.

The above is the face she makes when someone is doing something to her, like kissing her or touching her feet, and she's deciding what to think about it. Hmmmmmmm I think this might be good....

Dakota says our dog Wolfgang is depressed because he realizes he is no longer the cutest thing in the house anymore.

My mom says Ever looks just like me when I was a baby. Ever has Mr. Curry's hair line and growth patterns exactly. And his chin. She looks like Dakota in the head shape and neck, and sometimes reminds me a heck of a lot of Lola. When she smiles, I see Ian.

(Last night I tried a bean burrito for dinner. Won't be doing that again. Ever no likey.)

6:30 Wake
7:30 Both kids off to school with separate friends giving rides
8:00-9:30 Sleep on couch with Ever
9:45 MIL visits, brings dinner foods! and decaf!
11:00 Mr. Curry home, we leave to run errand and take long drive
12:20 Pick up Lola, hit McDonalds for a treat
3:00 Lola leaves on playdate, Dakota at friends, Ian at Moms
3:00-3:30 Mr. Curry and I change Ever, change her again, and one last (squirt) time
3:30 then we leave to Xmas shop at Target with baby gift card my Uncle sent, I get pretzel and slurpie! Yay!
5:00 back at home, Lola arrives home, we turn on Xmas music, Mr. Curry
starts dinner, I try to tidy and fold laundry while nursing Ever off and on
and hold on to my peaceful heart.

Only A Girl said...


Ms. Moon said...

Sleep when you can. Sleep is so important for emotional stability. I know- I know- you have so many to care for and do for BUT you have to take care of yourself to do it.
These beautiful people need you.
Love and kisses galore...M

Petit fleur said...

Those pictures are so yummy! Sounds like you are perking up and feeling more like yourself. Yay!

I'm the youngest of 5 and the sib closest to my age is 10 years older than me. When I was a baby he and my other brothers used to giggle because they could palm my head!

We are very close to this day. xo

37paddington said...

beautiful, beautiful family. how gentle Dakota's face is. and yes, Ever looks like you!

Rebecca said...

Dakota looks so sweet with Ever. She is beautiful and your day. I remember those busy days. One minute muddled with the next. ((hugs))

Pam said...


Elizabeth said...

Oh, it sounds like things are settling down and in and happy. I'm so happy that you're posting us this news and all the lovely photos. I hope you're resting -- it's pretty amazing that you're up and about so much so early after a c-section. Don't do too much --

Vashti said...

sounds perfect. x

Bee said...

I hope that Dakota will always be a loving guardian for (both) little sisters.

On the prosaic side: one of my American way-of-life pleasures is going to Target and getting a soft pretzel and a slurpie!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Love the photos. Hate Christmas music.

Love you.

Steph(anie) said...

That first picture just about killed me.

You made me remember that I dreamed about newborn baby feet last night.

Bethany Susan said...

such sweet brotherly love. glad you're getting into a rhythm!

Maggie May said...

Hi everyone :) Thanks for your sweet thoughts on the photos!

Only a girl....yes, and you know this stage recently yourself...:)

Ms Moon I am sleeping in the mornings with Ever. So far the sleep thing is actually going wonderfully, she wakes 3-4 times a night to nurse and falls right back asleep. We will see if that lasts...;)

Petit I had no idea you had four siblings! I love hearing that you are close now...I hope so much for that for my kids.xo

Angela that's what my mom keeps saying!

Clearness the word muddled is a good one for how newborn time goes :)

Pam thank you...xo

Elizabeth the moving about and all is realllly helping me mentally. I'm not lifting anything, though, Mr. Curry and Dakota nad Ian do all the lifting, but I can tidy, or wash dishes, etc, and it makes me feel happy. Laying about all day makes me feel sad. So I am mixing it up:) My recovery has been great, no complications or anything.

Vashti good to hear from you! xo

Bee if we ever meet we have to have a slurpee and pretzel then ;)

SB some people really hate Xmas music with a passion. Some of it is barfy, but a lot of it I do like :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I love those pictures.

Zip n Tizzy said...

xo indeed!

Those are some loving sibs. What a lucky girl to have such a Fab big brother.

(I've learned to LOVE Christmas music now that I have kids... never quite appreciated it the way I do now ;)

* said...

Blogging & photos with a newborn & teenagers...mind boggling! Rest, love, and keep sharing!!

Anonymous said...

I love the bewilderment in a new baby's face - they're always like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Allison the Meep said...

Those pictures are so great. It's going to be so awesome to look back on them even in just one year.

And she is totally a miniature Maggie.

Still Life With Coffee said...


justmakingourway said...

YAY! Beautiful pictures - there is nothing like an older brother.

Love your day. And I love Christmas music!

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

Hooray to your beautiful family for the wondrous new addition. Those brother/sister pictures are awesome!

Mwa said...

Hold on to your peaceful heart. Now there's something I must remember. You have a good thing there!

esbboston said...

Ever ... very nice choice for a name.

Bethany said...

this sounds like a perfect day.

Annie said...

Hi Maggie,
I'm glad you're settling in, and the C-section recovery has been smooth. It was easy for me, too. Either that, or the elation of having my baby countered the discomfort and the temporary limitations. Keep getting rest and holding onto that peaceful heart! I love the pictures with big brother, Dakota.

Caroline said...

This makes my heart smile.


p.s. beans + nursing = babies always no likey over here too.

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