Sunday, February 20, 2011

101 Ways To Smile: Visit a Nickel Arcade

Pouring rain, headed out to Nickel City
$2 per person admission
$5 bag each (minus Ever and I) to play equals a pretty cheap date

This sign fascinated Ever, as seen below

Elizabeth said...

Maggie, you look beautiful in that photo!

Petit fleur said...

Lola is getting down with her bad- arcade-game-car-driving self! I bet she won that race didn't she?

Ever does look enchanted.

You all are beautiful sights.

Ms. Moon said...

Okay, after I read Elizabeth's comment, I had to flip back to see the picture again. I had thought you were Lola! Good Lord. You may be going through extremely stressful times but you are aging backwards!

Christine said...

Maggie, I've never done this, so I'm not quite sure how it will come across, but I do so with the best intentions. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how Ever is getting some snuggle time with her daddy wearing her, but there are so many better carriers out there. The type that you have tends to put undue pressure on the base of the spine and hips. Her legs are in more of an extended position when they should be in more of a frog-legged type (like how she naturally has them when you carry her on your hip or have her lying on your chest). For her age, it's also better to have her facing into you, so that when she becomes overwhelmed by external stimuli, she can turn into your chest. Plus, most parents who use that type, I always read how those killed their backs and they weren't able to use them much past the 12-14 pound mark. I can't find the page I came across way back when I was trying to decide on baby carriers, but here is one that has some, as well as some pictures that show what I'm talking about:
Ergo or Beco baby carriers are great as structured carriers. With Ever's small size, you'd also do great with a ring sling. I'd be more than happy to send links (I'm not affiliated with anything, just a mama who loves snuggles and babywearing!)

Kate said...

Ever is so cute!

Caroline said...

Back in the day, when I was a teenager, I used to love to go to the arcade at the beach with my friends. We loved the super cool photo booth there and we'd take zillions of pictures. It was great fun.
You look gorgeous, Maggie and as always, so does the fam. Two things I love in this world: family time and good bargains. I'd say you had a day that covered both!

Rebecca said...

Looks amazing. Glad you all had a great time!

37paddington said...

you know what touches my heart? that you all went as a family, teenagers and all. beautiful family there.

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