Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome SPONSOR: The Little Pea

Welcome Flux Capacitor's sponsor The Little Pea, a children's shop with absolutely gorgeous 'couture' children's dresses ( advertised as flower girl dresses ) tutus and baby bottoms
** Oops! Forgot to add: Save 10% by writing 'save10' in the message box, and free shipping on all orders over 30$**

If Carrie from Sex In the City had a daughter as a flower girl, the dress would look like the above!!!

Yeah baby!

Sigh. Dreams do come true. Buy a little dreamy dress here.
the real mia said...

How totally adorable.

Caroline said...

Super cute. I was a Cyndi Lauper girl back in the day. Something about the punk-rock pink and black tutu on their site had a very Cyndi feel to it. I'm loving it. :)

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