Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Knew Her For 9 Years Before We Ever Met

 ...such is the strangeness of the Land Called Internet
 We traveled a while back to L.A. and stayed in a hotel to meet up with my long known but never seen friend, Maura, from APU.  Her daughter Eva ( we were pregnant with Eva and Lola at the same time ) was dancing in an Irish clogging competition, and so we drove to L.A. and they flew from Denver, to meet.
Lola and Ian were awesome to Ever and incorrigible to one another. Ian relentlessly poked at Lola and Lola persistently overreacted. It was so meta.
 Ever had fun, though. :)
 Mr. Curry drank too much and passed out.
 I drank a little. Enough for this to happen.
And here we all are at Downtown Disney, after a delicious pizza and beer meal where Maura and I finally got to catch up. It was truly magical to meet someone I've cared about for so long but never seen face to face, and Lola and Eva connected right off the bat. As we left, Eva bought a friendship bracelet and gave Lola half. Life is kind of awesome.
Elizabeth said...

It sounds wonderful. Next time you come to Los Angeles, we must meet as well.

Elisabeth said...

Four gorgeous girls, and all connected through friendship and/or birth. Wonderful stuff, Maggie.

Amanda said...

That's so sweet and awesome. How wonderful. :)

maura said...

It was so wonderful to finally meet you. Some day, somehow we will get together without the kids!

Caroline said...

Life IS kind of awesome! What a great story! I loved the pictures! If you are ever in DC or Baltimore--you know who to call, right?!

LOVE to you and the whole family and wishing you a very Happy new year, Maggie!

Vic said...

So awesome! Ah, the wonder of the internets. ;)

Ever is getting SO BIG! SQUISH!

Young at Heart said... utterly delightful.....happy new year!!

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