Saturday, December 10, 2011

warrior spirit

We are moving by January 1st.
We still don't have a place locked down.
We can do this!
It will be great in the end.
Lola chipped a tooth last night.
Her front, adult tooth. 
A big chip.
She was wrestling with Ian.
Ian felt horrible.

Rebecca said...

A move?! Holy smokes. Have fun moving and good luck. And poor Lola. Lots of love and hugs getting her tooth fixed.

I'm Katie. said...

You can do this!!

Laura said...

You can do this!! Good luck finding a place. We had to move twice within a year a couple years back. It was awful and I do not envy the actually moving part. But once you are in and settled, it will be so worth it.

37paddington said...

fresh from the dentist, i can tell you, that chip is an easy fix. breathe, warrior woman. enjoy finding your new home.

Marion said...

You are a warrior woman, so I'm sure you'll do fine. (My husband and I and 2 kids were gypsies & moved over 30 times in 15 years before we finally settled down and bought a home). Ah, the joys of the Mother Hood.

Hugs & Blessings!!

Petit fleur said...

Oh LORD! Poor Ian and Lola!!!

You CAN do this and you will be stronger and more confident for it.

All will be well.

In the meantime, if you want some free coaching, you know how to find me. I'm rooting for you all!


I want to set up a photography studio and that photo is exactly how I want it to look :) good luck with the move!

Annie said...

I'm hoping it will all work out exactly as you would want, with the perfect place for everyone, more affordable and just the right amount of space to easily take care of. Hang in there!

Bethany said...

Keeping a good thought that you and your family found a place!

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