Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dakota Plays Bass

A few weeks ago on a rainy Saturday, the family all got together at a local venue to watch Dakota play the bass with his teacher and various students and musicians. See my mom there, red hair, lower right? Lola is next to her, Ian and Ever and Dakota's best friend Jake and I are all back behind the people. There was maybe fifty people there? And the show was AWESOME. It was almost three hours and I danced/jiggled Ever the entire time with Mr. Curry next to on his feet, too. Ever didn't cry once, and Mr. Curry and I were stoked. LIVE MUSIC, people! When you haven't heard live music in a while, you forget the total world it is, what an immersion in every twang and note and chord and vocal it is, how pure JOY it is. Professional musicians or beginners, it is a high.The show opened with 'new students' of a mother probably my age, maybe a bit older, and her teenage son. Both on guitar, the mom singing Green Day's ' Time of Your Life ' ( thought of you, Annie! )in her high, nervous wavering voice, and it was so incredibly pretty and poignant. After that it was one great song after the other, even some Hendrix and Stones.

Dakota was cool. Just like a bass player. Long, lanky and unruffled. Not nervous, just excited. He played Marley's Three Little Birds and then jammed the Blues. The guy next to him was born in Ireland on Saint Patrick's Day and played a mean harmonica.( Guess what his nickname was? )

That is Dakota's teacher, behind him, John, who plays everything pretty well, it seems, and is a really great teacher. Thank you so much MOM! for paying for these lessons over the last year. Dakota is officially in love with bass and growing more skilled every week.

Afterward we all went to In and Out for lunch, where Mr. Curry sat with Ever so I could stuff my face in peace. Left To Right: Lola(10) - Mr. Curry - Me - Mom - Everkins(15months) - Ian(15)- Dakota(17)

Petit fleur said...


Good on ya Dakota~! I love a good baseline.

Keep rockin' baby!

Much luck to you.

Rosaria Williams said...

I came from synchronizing to say hello, meet Dakota on bass, and wish you and your family a great day.
I was struck by a comment about love, about what you thought about it, and the rest...

What if I told the truth, you asked!
Well, what if w all told the truth!!!!

lulumarie said...

Oh, how cool! I just love the bass and love when kids discover and embrace music. And you're so right ~ there is nothing like live music.

The family portrait is beautiful ~ you are glowing, Maggie May!

Shelley E said...

Very cool! :)

Annie said...

Hi Maggie,

I was just thinking about how to respond to the feelings your post evokes, watching my son perform at recitals when he was taking music lessons, and being there as a band parent, and the concerts we've gone to recently as a family with friends, when I saw my name!

Thanks, Maggie, for thinking of me! The Time of Your Life has become almost a family theme song. My husband is always playing the tune on guitar, and whenever we hear Billie Joe Armstrong singing it, we're all singing it, too- at least my husband and me!

It's great Dakota is playing an instrument he enjoys. We love listening to kids and teens perform. Like lulumarie said, that's a great family portrait!

CitricSugar said...

Very cool. How great is it that Dakota has music like you have writing... What a wonderfully supportive and talented family you have.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family photo!

Caroline said...

Love it love LOVE it!

p.s. I love this family picture of ALL of you. You look gorgeous, Maggie. And happy!!

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