Thursday, March 1, 2012

life IS like a box of chocolates, mr. gump

Mr. Curry is feeling better

and better

I really like you I told him 15 years ago

I want to sleep with you, I said one night

I love you, I told him because I could not stop the words

Yes I'll marry you, I cried 9 years ago

Me: Honey?

Mr. Curry: Yeah?

Me: Ummm......................

Mr. Curry:  ?

Me: Nothing.

Nothing, honey.  Just wanted to hear your voice.
Ms. Moon said...

I know.

Middle Child said...

And did he marry you? My lovely man and I had our kids too in the 70's and then married - they were to pretties at our wedding... it was dress cost $10 reduced from $ ride high in my memories and sometimes I can't believe something so terribly wonderful and romantic could have happened to me... Don was killed in 2007... and the romance left with him - I just hope for you younger people that you make the best of every moment you have to have the passion and love no matter what - because it is something else! And I do know.

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