Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who's On First?

Ages and Names of Key Players 
Lola / 10
Dakota / 17
Ever / 1
Me / 37

Lola: Who is in the bathroom? -sounds slightly irritated and aggressive, like a football coach wondering why a play went wrong.

Me: Not me -distant voice, as I am on computer- But I need to use it! Why don't you just use this one? -meaning the one in my master bedroom-

Ever: Wola! Wola! (this means Lola)

Lola: Because the floor is soaked Mom. Did Ever pee in here? Well who is in there then? -more aggressively

Me: Don't be rude, Lola.  And no! Ever didn't pee. It's from the shower. Your shower, I believe.

Ever: No! No! Noooo!! Mommy.

Lola: Well I have TO GO pee Mommy.

Me: Hmmmm.

Ever: Pee! Pee! Crying?

Lola and I simulatenously: No one is crying!

Lola: I hate it when you say 'hmmm'. It's so annoying.

Me: -in warning tone- That's enough, Lola.

From Bathroom, Dakota: Lola! Chill out! I'm using the bathroom. Use the other one and stop complaining so loud!

Ever: -high pitched loud voice, puts hands in fists and shrugs her eyebrows and shoulders- No! No! Wola! Oh mang! -this means 'oh man'

Lola and I: laughing

Lola: Dakota can I please use it now?

Dakota: God! Stop being so loud! I'm trying TO USE THE BATHROOM

Ever: God! Wola! Mang!

Dakota: laughter

Ever: Crying?

Dakota: laughter

Lola and I: No crying!

Ever: Oh mang.

SA said...

Hahahaha! That is fantastic. What a funny baby.

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