Tuesday, June 19, 2012

You Call Your Baby WHAT?!: Nicknames

My family likes to give offhand, nonsensical and sometimes downright rude nicknames to everyone and everything in our orbit. Mr. Curry's beat, cantankerous old blue truck (which I miss but him, not so much) was Blue Thunder. My first picture with Ever was taken in front of Blue Thunder- she was only the size of a blueberry. Sniff. My car back in the day was white and the kids could not understand why we couldn't name it their brilliant idea: White Power. Again. Not so much. At the time we had a legion of cats and they were all named after Harry Potter characters (sniff) and had truncated names- Hermione 'mimi' Mr. Weasley 'weasel' etc. Our dogs, who are still around and SUPER ANNOYING* are Bodie: Bodes Muchaches, King of the Wild Frontier, and Wolfgang: Wolfie Toofie. 

Here's the rundown of the kids;

Dakota: Doda (what Lola always called him before she could pronounce his whole name) and a brief stint as 'Cody' in his younger years which didn't stick because he is SO NOT a Cody

Ian: Ian the Brain, Ian Genius (when he was little, nobody calls him that anymore. he has a sizeable head which is necessary for his genius level brain. Ever also inherited this oversized brain/head)

Lola: Yoya, Lola of the Moon Clan, Lolacoaster

Ever: Everkins, Kinny (we call her this all day, maybe more than her real name) Kinnykins, Ever Ysabeth (based on her name Ever Elizabeth, I tend to call her this when she is doing something sneaky and I'm warning her) You Old Fatty Baby, Fattykins

So what about you?

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