Monday, December 3, 2012

Ever Elizabeth, You Are Two

We had a birthday party on Saturday, but that is another post. These images are from Sunday, Dec 2, the actual birthday. After a cozy morning, Lola went a few condos down to her best friend's place and Mr. Curry and I walked ee in her stroller down our park. I will always be grateful for living here, for living just two blocks from the best park I've ever seen in any suburbia. Lola and girlfriend did Ever's hair :)

Ever snuck palmfuls of the fountain water, eyeing me sideways to see if I'd stop her. 

Mr. Curry and Ever discussed the train, which runs in a circle around the park. 

Ever loves to push her stroller. We followed her all around for a half hour while she negotiated the thing.

She also rode her little red bike that Grandma Mimi (Mary) gave her last year.

We say 'Ever do cheesy smile!'

Our girl.

Things To Know About You At Two
You can spot and say orange, purple, blue, green and white. Popsicles had a lot to do with this.

You can count to seven.

You can sing the entire ABC's. You say 'double S' instead of w, x

You call my bras ' mama's boobies'

You love nursing more than any human being ever has in the history of TIME. The other morning you had an early morning fit in bed because I wouldn't let you nurse on the left boob, only the right.

Whenever I get out the vacuum cleaner, you are thrilled. You look for whoever is there, even running upstairs to get Dakota, and make them hold you on the couch, where you can watch, half terrified, half excited, while I vacuum.

At Target, you walk in and immediately start shouting about the amazing Christmas decor, much to the amusement of everyone around. You say hi to everyone you pass. You say ' See vacuums, Momma? ' and I take  you to the vacuum aisle, where we first say the color of each vacuum, and then count them. Next, we look at Xmas decor. And then, toys.

Your favorite food is pizza. You also love avocado, noodles, cheese sticks, bananas, KIND bars, poppies (popsicles) ice and cereal.

You ask for 'ice' every time I get a Starbucks Doubleshot. You also recognize my cup, so that when some poor man picked up his similar cup at Starbucks, you indignantly told him ' Dada MOMMAS! ' ( that is mommas)

You love our dogs. You boss them around and hug them.

You curl your pudgy hands around my neck and say ' Momma I love you soooo much' '

At night our routine has always been to say goodnite to all family members with a kiss, then say goodnite to the room, the bed, and then look out the window and say ' goodnight, wide wide world! ' Except you say ' Goodnite, world wide! '

You love Barney, Mickey Mouse and a little confusedly, Scooby Do.

You have the cutest butt in the history of baby butts! We all squish it up every day.

You can sing the entire ' Twinkle Twinkle Little Star '

You love your brothers and sisters so much. You ask for each of them by name for various things. Lola is the cheese opener. Dakota is your favorite vacuum holder, and Ian you want to pick you up when you get scared.

You have a special relationship with your Daddy. He notices details about you that no one else does. He was the one who figured out what approach to take to get you into your carseat without crying, how to get you to cooperate with a diaper change, who noticed how much you loved to be taken outside and smell the air when you were an infant. He also figured out that singing you ABC's in the car was the ONE THING that would get you stop crying. Nowadays going in 'Daddy's truck!' is the highlight of her day. He rubs his scruffy beard on your belly and makes you laugh hysterically.

You are still an extension of me. We are parting, but slowly. You cling to me like you are still in my belly. You nurse passionately, I tell you 'I'm going to kiss your face off!' and you giggle, and I kiss you all over your soft adorable little face. I think you are perfection from your toes to your ridiculous hair with it's long 'rat tail' that curls so sweetly. Your breath smells DELICIOUS. I like the way your ears smell. I need time away from you but after an hour my body and heart start going tap, tap, tap.... against your absence. The sound of your voice makes me happy, no matter what.  You are a great napper but a terrible sleeper. We spend our days together and I never, ever take it for granted.

Happy Birthday, Everkins

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