Thursday, September 26, 2013


will you encounter me?
meet me by the eucalyptus tree
Californian fall, the hush hush of leaves

i am standing in this space.
where the lip of night mouths
the manna of my heart

i want you and you are gone.
when i was younger
i broke a window with my arm

there was a deep red gash, remember?
you came home and comforted me
that's what you always used to do

that's what i always used to do.
the air is sweet with cold,
it pinches my nipples and lips

i wake to a nightfall of loneliness.
just behind the pale blinking face
of this computer

there are secrets we used to share.
i put my hand through the window
there is no glass

only time.
only cold dark air, as wild as my heart
as empty as this place

where even rage was an object to adore.

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