Friday, September 27, 2013

People In Your Mutherfuckin Neighborhood

take a seat and read, bitches

This gangster version of Google ( Gizoogle ) is one of the best things on the internet, ever. Here's an example- THE example of why this TOTALLY RULES: 

A poem I wrote that was published in Diagram. 
The Gizoogle version of the same poem in Diagram.

SO AWESOME. I can now turn away from the internet forever and be happy. (Lies, lies, lies.)

America's best unknown writer: William Gaddis in TNYROB  - I had never heard of him. If I had gone to further college I probably would have. So much to read, so little time.

This made me laugh out loud: The Facebook Version of Marriage Going Great 

I loved this simple but beautiful little essay on giving away something the author didn't want to give away. I live like this and it's made my life a million times richer and less lonely. I feel connected to people I don't know because I believe we ARE connected.

Do you read Sweet/Salty? I have off and on for years, and Kate Inglis' recent essay about grief was a reason why.

Remember how I was saying I have a gynormous crush on Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights?
Here he is in real life action.

This photo essay is personal and deeply moving. For years Nick has taken pictures of his twin brother who has cerebral palsy.

Another reason why I drink green tea: protects against the flu.

Zach Galifianakas interviews Justin Bieber. HAHAHAH

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