Sunday, September 21, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

take a swim and read
Putting Faces To the Youths Sentenced To Life For Murder I hope you will take five minutes to read this, and vote and sign petitions that change our barbaric prison laws.

One of the most compelling new ideas I've come across in a long time: Should We All Take a Bit Of Lithium?  I've marveled at the power of lithium ever since I read Kay Jamison's memoir of her Bipolar 1 journey, where she went from out of her mind to mental health over the long haul, with lithium.

I love Lena Dunham's brain SO HARD. I wish I wish I wish

I really enjoyed this essay in Narrative by Justin Cronin, My Daughter and God

My favorite essay ever on The Huffington Post: Love In the Time of The Toad

Everytime you are told that some new creation by scientists is DEFINITELY ONE HUNDRED PERCENT NOT GOING TO HURT YOU, remember there are stories like this.

The One Conversation That Could Save Your Teens Life on Momastery

Everyone is Totally Just Winging It, All The Time - or, Maggie Could Have Written This

This made me well up with tears of 'yes, exactly' . Knowing My Sons A Little Less

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