Saturday, November 15, 2014

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

I remember when she announced her cancer. This post was necessary for me right now.

I am obsessed with this issue right now.  Spraying our food with Roundup. The comment stream was interesting, too, I read all of the comments. I buy organic.

I read the book The Wave in one short burst in Barnes and Noble one day. The memoir of a woman who lost her entire family in one moment, her two sons, husband and parents. Interview here

Merit Badge

What does your tongue tell you about your health?

Lola and I laughed a lot reading these: 21 Texts From Mom

As a working remotely mom, I loved this blog post: How Melissa Got Her Groove Back

9 Reasons My Child is Not Too Old To Breastfeed

Do you have Imposter Syndrome?
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