Saturday, January 31, 2015

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

Anna Leahy writes The Give and Take of Grief on The Weeklings "Spread out, grief feels less heavy—the word grief comes from the Latin meaning to make heavy—and there’s some room to breathe and speak. I’m not stealing anyone else’s grief, but I’m letting my own spread or reach further than I’d expected it could."

Some beautiful writing in Fragment by Sally J. Johnson on The Manifest-Station

Jordan Rosenfeld takes a familiar subject and says something new and smart about it: women and mid-life crisis or 'opportunities'… I Think I May Be Having a Mid-Life Crisis at Dame

A fascinating article on our immediate future as human beings by Tim Urban The AI Revolution

This blogger Sarah Bessey wrote a blog on what love looks like, and it made me feel very sad, I admit. It reminded me of the kind of posts I used to be able to write. I'm so glad that she knows what she has, and beautiful written. 

One more reason I won't be giving my daughters the HPV vaccine even though I have had pre-cervical cancer and cryogenic surgery for it. HPV Vaccine and Primary Ovarian Failure

Higher Dementia Risk With Use of Common Drugs- important information.

I was introduced to a poet new to me, and her amazing work Song

Pushing my running a little this week: Getting Through Speedwork I run 3x a week for just under 4 miles, and do squats and lunges etc. another two days. 

I've Got Leaving In My Blood by Anthony Hamilton, a man who can write!

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