So there's my daughter Lola Moon, Mr. Curry my husband, myself, my mom, our baby Ever Elizabeth, and our sons Ian Oliver and Dakota Wolf

Who Am I?

I'm Maggie M.E. Born southern Mississippi, both sides of my family from the South, lived in San Diego most of my life. I am a community/social media manager and writer and poet who publishes regularly on and off line ( see below for some publications ) and I am on the fire tail end of completing my novel Agitate My Heart, a modern saga about fear in American suburban life.  I have an unpublished but completed book of poetry The Pirate Queen from which various poems have been published.  I'm obsessed with telling the truth, doing the right thing, writing, books, my family, the internet, helping others, the meaning of life, heroes and mentors, television and movies, nutritional health, organics, planet Earth, Starbucks Doubleshots, ( half-caf with soy ) and love.
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Married almost a decade to my husband who was my best friend since 19, we have four children ages 19, 17, 12 and the baby of the family at 3 years old.  

Random facts? Sure! I am 5'7, I have freckles and blue eyes, our baby has one blue and one hazel eye,  I danced with Justin Timberlake in the music video 'Dirty Pop' ( girl with the pink cowboy hat and blonde braids ), Mr. Curry, (my husband)'s favorite author is Robert Parker,  I have tattoos and used to have a belly piercing, Mr. Curry has tats on arm stomach and back, we both feel uncomfortable in suburbia, are still very much in love after ten years of marriage, and think The Sopranos was the greatest TV show of all time, Friday night is Family Night which usually ( since the baby ) means a movie and pizza, I love novels more than most any other object, we eat largely organic whole foods, and we have two big dumbish dogs named Wolfgang and Bodie.

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What Is Flux Capacitor?

Flux Capacitor is as simple and as complicated as it's tagline: One woman, telling the truth about her life