Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I ♥ My Pediatrician

I Heart My Pediatrician

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See above? clickity click it This is the new and wonderful place where I work ( in addition to my job, not instead of ) as a page administrator. It's a Facebook page connected to Vitals that helps parents in a number of ways:

connecting you to the best pediatrician possible for your child and your city

connecting you to threads of advice on child centered health issues- mental, physical and otherwise

connecting you to the different apps that offers, such as finding a specialist for your child's particular health need

So do me (and yourself!) a solid? And 'like' I Heart My Pediatrician
Leslie said...

I heard about this page from someone else and saw you on there! I thought about friending you but I figured that would be weird. I feel like I know you but I know you don't know me! ;)

clearness said...

I clicked and now I'm on my way. I really really heat my pediatrician!

Hannah Stephenson said...

That's so awesome!! Congrats!

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I liked it on day one! SO happy for you and this gig. You are perfect for this! I uploaded a link to my pediatrician's office early on to share and have loved all the great info from the page. What a great idea!!

Shelley E said...

congratulations on your new job!

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