Sunday, July 24, 2011

we keep doing stuff. i take pictures. then we come home, and i put them online. it's a vicious cycle.

ever is seventh months and every single one of us loves her as the last ( ? ) baby of a family is due- as the Queen Babycakes. she rules. she is awesome. she is everything. she is shining eyes and toothless smiles and giggles at midnight and laughing when you were about to cry, she brings her 14 and 17 year old brothers to baby talk and her 9 year old sister to adoring coos. she nurses like a champ and travels like a chimp. or maybe the other way around? anyway, here she is at the bayside Curry Family Picnic Reunion ( yearly ) in her bearie cute ( i'm sorry! i'm sorry! oh God the humanity! i am so disgusted with myself. all i can say is I read wayyyy to many Strawberry Shortcake books to Lola when she was very small ) jacket that Auntie Kristi gave her
the youngest four girl cousins include Lola and Ever. Lola looooves these two cousins. she cried when we left. in fact, she stomped angrily to the car after receiving the last hot dog of the day. she wasn't too mad to eat the hot dog, though.
seven of the gang of cousins. Mr. Curry is part of the generation of cousins that just gave up their title of 'the cousins' not too long ago. the new generation of Curry cousins is about 9 strong, around there.
Dakota wrestling with the little cousins. they were THRILLED to the maximum of thrills. Dakota was a good sport and got summarily stomped into the ground for a good 20 minutes. Jacob's (the redhead) middle name is Yohan and his Dad said he's a Viking. after watching Jacob wail on Dakota- at age 3- I totally agree. he's old school.
Jacob, Ever and Reefy hanging out.
Ever is under that blanket there, nursing, and this is our end of the day picture. Isn't my necklace purty? Target, a much better last minute purchase than at the wedding. If you know what I mean. xo Maggie
Annie said...

Very cute photos! Thank you for sharing them!

Maggie May said...

we have no camera ( i am so mad about that! i spent 125$ on this camera/flipcam this guy swore would be so perfect for my uses and then the pictures were all grainy and crappy and t he camera broke after a month ) so all pics of late are on my phone, hence the shoddy quality!!!

Anonymous said...

I think your photos are radiant, just like you guys! I don't have an everyday camera, either. My son dropped mine in a bookstore over a year ago and I'm too afraid to touch any of my husband's fancypants DSLR's.

Barrie said...

What great memories for your kids, these family picnics!

Elizabeth said...

It all looks sweet and rowdy and fun. And that last photo of you is beautiful!

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Gorgeousness all around. I think that I might just have to find a way to arrange a marriage between Ever and Oliver. ;)
And by the way--I love the pictures. Great action shots, great baby/children shots and a beautiful shot of you and the Mr! I think perspective is most important quality in photography. Anyone can take a pic with a fancy camera. Not anyone can have great perspective--and you certainly DO!

RottenMom said...

Beauty all around, but that last photo is my favorite.
You look so happy!

Shaista said...

So happy you're like, so happy :)

Lydia said...

Ever is beautiful, Maggie. And, as always, so are you.

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