Sunday, July 8, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

take a seat and read!

I loved this piece in Salon by Patrick Somerville. A novelist new to me, his latest book A Bright River is out to rave reviews- ah..mostly.  Read the fascinating story of how he bemoaned The New York Times bad review that turned out to be a wrong review, and a fictional character and NYT editor hashed it all out.

Looking for transportative summer reading? Collin Kelley has two books out in his evocative, Parisian series. Check them out here

Claire Bidwell Smith is a talented novelist whose blog I have come to love. This piece about naming her daughter Juliette after her friend Julie, who died 11 years ago of cancer, moved me deeply. I absorbed every word.

Tracey wants to know Where Have All The Outdoor Kids Gone? In my last neighborhood, Lola was outside all the time but alone. In this neighborhood we've got a ton of kids that all play outside, all the time. Score!

Jessica Ashley gives us the best divorce advice she was given in a warm and frank video.

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