Friday, July 27, 2012

summertime and the livin's easy

Lola and Ever summer together

Her hair has grown out long enough so that she's happy with it now, after that cut, the one that traumatized her so much she wore a black beanie every day for six straight months. She tans, not burns. Her skin is honey colored and she is radiant with good health. She loves playing American Girl dolls best of all. She has four dolls that are the special ones, and they are asleep with her now. Mr. Curry ate dinner next to them on the couch tonite. She loves Taylor Swift, the song 'Call Me Maybe' and just got good enough on guitar to do chord progressions. Her innocent goodness is like Rilla of Ingleside or Pollyanna, some kind of radiant kindness and lack of cruelty, fakery or inherent understanding of the evil in the world. She inherently understands all that is good and true and beautiful. She is almost as tall as her Grandma Mary. She crawls into bed with us many nights and sleeps there. She loves the shows Shake It Up, Happy Days, Dougie Howser, Wonder Years, Sponge Bob and Jessie. She has a fake front tooth thanks to her brother. (Ian) She has enormous, adorable Big toes on her feet. I call them seashells. I call her cheeks creampuffs. She smells like vanilla. She is actually the best smelling person I have ever been around. I ask her what her secret is. I told her that her eyebrows were lovely. She laughed and said I think every part of her is beautiful. I smiled and said it is true, and even her poop has rainbow sparkles in it. She laughed and asked me if I know that gnomes vomit rainbows. She is ten. She loves swimming, Mario Brothers, her best friend Emily and her family.

Ever is putting rocks down Lola's shirt. Lola is observing this. Ever is wondering if Lola is going to change her mind about letting her put rocks down her shirt.

But she didn't.
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