Saturday, September 29, 2012

People In Your Neighborhood

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Ever's doppleganger. Whoa.

Orca Attacks Shark! Just watch it. It's awesome.

The Supreme Court just ruled that mandatory life imprisonment for juvenile defenders is cruel and unusual punishment. While this article focuses on the victims and their families, and the greatest and unfair suffering is theirs, I totally agree with the Supreme Court position, reasoning and ruling. In fact, what happens to teenagers who hurt, rob or kill ( most of who have had horrific, traumatic lives ) is a new deep concern of mine. The more I learn about the teenage brain and why they make the choices they do in response to what happens to them, the more convinced I am that putting a teen in jail for life is most often only adding a horrible suffering and sadness to what already is. 

This piece by Jennifer Blyer on how to stop pedophilia in action is so important. So important. This- the  prevention of molest or incest- is and will be a life long passion for me. Having such a personal response to the issue of pedophilia, what Ms. Blyer writes is correct. In order for those who recognize that their brains are sending them messages that are not healthy to get help, they have to be able to tell someone. We have to brace ourselves as a society and slowly steer ourselves toward information, awareness and prevention.

Considering my constant right side pain and lack of access to medical care, I've been doing whatever I can do until I know what is wrong. In researching, I found this wonderful website about the liver and gallbladder and Dr Sandra Cabot- the 'liver doctor' So much good information on the liver and gallbladder- I really had no idea how close they were internally, or how the one affected the other. Great information and recipes and ideas.

My bohemian heart wants this so much!

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