Monday, September 24, 2012

Starbucks RockStars

In the morning we get ready like rock stars who've trashed the joint last night and woke up naked and starving. Or at least Ever does. *

Lola has been sicker for longer than she's ever been, with this viral bronchitis. She is just now looking some like her old self, with color in her cheeks and a smile. Poor girl. She's an amazing sick person- not a complainer. She does get full of piss and vinegar but mostly keeps quiet. 

Ever models her 80's 'Richard' headband and Blondie onsie, with the glow in the dark necklace from the dollar bin at Target. She picked out blue for Lola, because lately everything Ever does, sissy has to do too.

Lola picked out this awesome shirt on a back to school shopping trip with her Grandma Duell- and matching headband. So cute.

Love. Love.

Ever walkin George Jefferson style while Lola kicks one of our balls back on to our porch.

The greatest and only luxury I allow myself to spend money on- my morning Starbucks, is now a ritual for us. Every morning all summer we went, and on the weekends we go. I order a Starbucks Doubleshot half caf with soy. It is pure heaven. Sometimes we get a turkey bacon and egg sandwich, and Ever loooves this. ' Me too? ' she asks. 

I have to open the sandwhich and lay it out to cool off- ' Hawwwt, ' Ever points out every time. Then I give Ever a piece of turkey bacon and cut up the egg into smaller sections. This is her Halloween cup on the right- so cute, for a few bucks will make me smile until Halloween. Lola didn't bring hers.

I am hearing Rhianna's song
' Oh baby I'm a rock star '
Maggie May and girls

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